Dear Oracle

Been a while since I posted.  I’ve been extremely busy.

One of the things occupying my time lately has been a marked increase in the need to interact with Oracle databases.

DISCLAIMER:  this is a rant and I didn’t stop to research, so I cannot guarantee there are no false assertions below.

Coming from MySQL, I find Oracle infuriating for several reasons.

1. Sequences:  Why are sequences such a giant pain?  Why can’t I generate sequences on the fly when I designate primary keys?  Why does this not work in any way like Autoincrement in MySQL?  Get started on that ASAP please!

2.  Why is it so hard to make changes?  OK, so I picked the wrong data type for a column, so I need to change it, right? Not so fast.  If you already have data in that column for any row, you get an error when trying to change it.  Drop the column? Again, better hope the col is empty.  I get that Oracle is trying to enforce data integrity, but this behavior crosses over into frustration.

3. Limit clause (or lack thereof).  Why does the BEST relational product not have a limit clause? This makes pagination queries a giant hot mess, and it wastes resources when you know you’re just looking for one row.  This seems like a no-brainer.  Tell me where I’m wrong.

Is Oracle the best choice for enterprise-class relational data storage? Yes!  Does that lessen to any degree the amount of frustration one has trying to develop for the web with Oracle ? No!