New theme for my blog…

I’ve been paying more attention to web design lately.  Why?  Well I’m definitely not morphing into a designer–I don’t have the DNA for it–but rather because design is relevant, even in an enterprise environment.  As I have mentioned before, the interface matters to the end user–perhaps moreso than all the backend code you’ve spent hours building and that only other coders can truly appreciate.

With that said, I think this blog was getting stale, and although I continue to adore everything Apple, the “Mac” themed blog thing is just a little dated.  After searching, I stumbled upon MacPress, a very clean and modern Web 2.0-ish theme by the folks at Sizlopedia.  I hope you enjoy the cleaner look, which I happen to think is vastly more readable.  I’ll probably tweak here and there in the next few weeks, but I am largely happy with it as-is.

You can download MacPress from or from

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