Basic AJAX with PHP and jQuery

I gave a live tutorial/demo at work today for room full of folks. I’ve posted the source code and powerpoint below. The title is pretty self explanatory…just a very simple demonstration of AJAX techniques using jQuery JavaScript and PHP on the server side in a very crude Twitter-like mini-posting app.

Basic AJAX with PHP and jQuery – Source Code

Powerpoint Presentation

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4 thoughts on “Basic AJAX with PHP and jQuery

  1. Thanks Bo. I it too. Is it just me or is AJAX development just plain fun?

    Thanks for coming to the session today.

  2. Sure is. I’m also loving how jQuery makes Javascript so much more accessible. I was never a big Javascript guy, but I could putz around enough. Now I can do tons more stuff with less code. (Yeah, I’m shameless like that.) 🙂

    Thanks for putting together the presentation. I enjoyed getting a local perspective on the subject. Plus, it’s good to know there’s somebody close by to bounce ideas/problems off of if necessary.

  3. Thanks Chris for the presentation and demo. It was crystal clear, and finally convinced me that I should not be afraid of starting tip-toeing in AJAX/JQuery water! I will definitively put your demo to good use. Thanks again.

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